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Japan, Bowing to Tradition by Jim Holmes

Jim has kindly agreed to speak to SoFA on the subject of ‘Japan, Bowing to Tradition’. From the northern ‘snow country’ to the southern tropical beaches, Japan is a diverse and complicated country.

See how Japan has integrated very traditional aspects of its culture into modern society. Micro cars to beer from machines and community bathhouses to tatami mats, Japan is not quite what you imagine, as tradition meets modernism.

Jim Holmes is a documentary photographer working on commercial projects and humanitarian interventions around the world. He will be using Zoom to provide us with this very interesting topic.

Jim Holmes Japan Bowing to Tradition
Jim Holmes

Over 30 years of travel has taken Jim to some of the most remote and extraordinary places on earth to visit projects that assist communities to build education systems, deliver effective healthcare, provide clean water and recover from natural disasters.

For more information about Jim Holmes and to view his whole portfolio please visit his website.


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Looking forward to ‘seeing’ you at this Zoom talk, ‘Japan, Bowing to Tradition’.

This will be our last talk prior to the summer break, we will resume our talks on 14 September 2021.

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