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SoFA Christmas Tree At Rufford Old Hall

SoFA Christmas Tree
SoFA Christmas Tree, Rufford Old Hall

At the end of November 2021 a few members of the SoFA Committee attended Rufford Old Hall to decorate a Christmas tree. The theme for the Christmas trees this year was the 1920s. This is a photograph of the tree we dressed, the image was very kindly sent to us by Catherine Hazley of the National Trust. Catherine informed us that they have received some lovely comments about it and that it really provides a beautiful welcome as visitors enter the house. She has also asked that her thanks be passed on to all involved and wished all SoFA members a very happy festive season.

Great Hall, Rufford

Our Vice Chair visited Rufford again the other day, she said that the tree looked even nicer in daylight with a bit of sunshine coming through the windows.

The dining room tree was very nice. The biggest tree is in the great hall, with the open fire the hall looked seasonal, with the greenery from the estate decorating the table. We are informed that the tree in the hall on the ground floor was decorated by the Ribble Valley group.

If you would like to see the SoFA Christmas Tree at Rufford Old Hall and all of the others they have there, make sure you visit very soon.

This year Rufford Old Hall closes on Sunday 19 December. Please check for 2022 opening date on the Rufford Old Hall website.

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