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Women of Courage – Frank Hyland

Frank Hyland SoFA Chairman - Women of Courage Zoom Talk
Frank Hyland – Zoom Talk

Frank Hyland, our Association Chairman, gave an illustrated Zoom talk, entitled ‘Women of Courage’. Following a career of over 35 years as a Government Health & Safety Inspector, Frank drew on historical material to which he had access to form this talk.

In 1893 women successfully fought against male prejudice to join the normally male dominated field of the Factory Inspectorate. Lucy Deane Streatfield, one of the original women to join the Inspectorate, was the first person to raise concerns over the use of asbestos as early as 1898.

Frank described the challenges and changes faced by the first women Factory Inspectors, or Lady Inspectors as they were called. He focused on the achievements of female Inspectors during the two World Wars, and their development in post war times.

The early female pioneers, including Emily Paterson, who founded the Women’s Protective League, May Abrahams, Mary Patterson, and Rose Squires; all had a remarkable strength of character and covered amazing distances in the course of their work, which eventually covered England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

Their contribution and determination in achieving safe standards for workers in a range of industries was remarkable.

This fascinating presentation on ‘Women of Courage’ was enjoyed by attendees from the comfort of their own homes.

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Article supplied by Edwina Alcock

Zoom Talk – Women of Courage


Our very own Frank Hyland will be entertaining us with our second Zoom talk. Women of Courage, the First Women Factory Inspectors is on Tuesday 30 March at 2.30pm

Women of Courage’ describes the challenges and changes faced by the first ‘Lady Inspectors’ as they were called. We follow their contribution and their determination to achieving safe standards for workers in a range of industries. We look in particular at the achievements of women factory inspectors during the two world wars and their development in post war times.

In a career of over 35 years as a government health and safety inspector. Frank Hyland worked with some notable colleagues and had access to historical material included in this talk.

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