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Sandscape – John Dempsey

John Dempsey, Green Sefton

SoFA members enjoyed an interesting Zoom talk entitled ‘Sandscape’ given by the experienced Green Sefton Engagement Officer, John Dempsey.

Sandscape, John Dempsey, Green Sefton
John Dempsey, Green Sefton

John is a key part of the group looking after Sefton’s coastal and dune system.  Members benefitted from both his job experience and his lifelong interest in nature.  He was able to illustrate the talk from his library of photos. 

An excellent speaker, he covered the historical timeline from 7000 year old sediment beds through links with the Vikings and into the 21st century.  He included interesting details of local motoring and aviation history, a maritime heritage with details of wrecks along our coast and fascinating details of the natural features and creatures populating our coastal area.  John explained the ever changing and expanding characteristics of our coastal landscape and the impact global warming is having on the local environment.

During his talk John also covered the work being done by other local conservation groups, such as Gems in the Dunes.

In many ways, as John described, “we have the lion’s share” of some of the nation’s interesting species and fauna.  Thanks to John’s presentation there is so much that stimulated members’ interests and enjoyment.

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Article supplied by Frank Hyland

Sandscape, the Sefton Coast by John Dempsey

John Dempsey from Green Sefton has agreed to address us via Zoom about the Sefton Coast

Please put this date in your calendar, look out for an email from SoFA with more details about this interesting talk and a link to join the Zoom meeting.

Our speaker John Dempsey is an engagements officer for Green Sefton who will be giving a Zoom presentation to our members entitled ‘Sefton the Natural and Cultural History of the Sefton Coast’.

John Dempsey, Green Sefton

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