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The Hardmans’ House

Hardmans' House, SoFA
The terrace of houses including The Hardmans’ House, Rodney Street, Liverpool.

The Hardmans’ House, also known as 59 Rodney Street, is situated in an elegant terrace in Liverpool’s Georgian Quarter. Edward Chambré Hardman and Margaret, his wife, moved into the house in 1949 and ran it as the premier photographic studios in Liverpool. Both of the Hardmans were skilled photographers, Edward being the more renowned and Margaret running the business. Although noted for society portraits, Mr Hardman took many photographs of the Liverpool landscape and even had a line in pet photography.

The National Trust took over the house in 2003 and now offers tours around the studio and darkrooms. Towards the end of the tour visitors are taken to the Hardmans’ private living quarters. Here the rooms are still as they might have been left in the 1950s, vividly showing that the couple paid more attention to their business than to housekeeping.

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The Hardmans’ House

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