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The Future of Formby

The National Trust are inviting the public to ‘Get Involved In The Future Of Formby’. Below is a message from them, together with a link to their project page.

We know that National Trust Formby is a much-loved nature haven. It’s a habitat for rare wildlife, as well as a place that many people love to visit.

It’s also a unique and constantly-changing coastline. We’re committed to working with nature to restore and protect this special place – and that means putting new plans together as we look to the future.

We have a new proposal for Victoria Road at Formby that includes removing the unsightly rubble from the beach and making some important changes to car parking. We have published these proposals on our website, including a map of the proposed changes that you can download. We want to listen to and involve National Trust members, visitors and local people in our conversations about this conservation work, so we would really welcome your feedback on this proposal. Head to our website to find out more detail, read more about our public consultation events at Formby in recent years, and share your thoughts.

Visit their ‘Future of Formby’ project page by clicking this link. If you would like to know more about SoFA please fill in our contact form.

The future of Formby - Southport and Formby association of the National Trust
Riders in the Surf on Formby Beach (Ian Homewood)