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World of Wedgwood


Join us on a visit to the World of Wedgwood factory and museum.

World of Wedgwood
World of Wedgwood

Included in the cost of the trip is a guided tour of the factory. Here you will see the manufacture of different styles of pots from their design stage to ornamentation and gilding. Our guide will explain the processes of casting, firing and glazing and you will be invited to watch the artistry of the figure makers and hand painting teams.

Also included is entry to the museum which houses a UNESCO protected V&A collection of historical and cultural significance. On display is over 250 years of Wedgwood’s ground-breaking design and production, including the fabulous Portland Vase.

We will have an area set aside for our group in the tea rooms where lunch or afternoon tea may be bought.

Should you fancy some time outside, there is a tranquil courtyard and a footpath which leads into the adjacent Hem Heath Woods.

Cost:      To include coffee stop, entrance to World of Wedgwood (including factory tour and museum) travel and gratuities.

Currently this outing is only for SoFA Members.

If you would like to attend this or a similar outing with us, please complete the contact form.